Welcome to my Lori Buckby biography. Here we will discuss everything we know about the goddess herself.

She was born on May 16, 1985 in Leicester, in the UK. Leicester isn’t a big town in England, but it’s not exactly that small either, since they have a population of over 330,000 at last count.

In September of 2010, Lori Buckby was all over the news. It seems that when she wasn’t working she was taking care of her sick father of which she was granted a small allowance by the government. In all the total amount paid to her was £2,406 in benefits, of which she had to repay plus a £1,000 fine because she was earning at least £4,000 a month while working at Babestation as what they call a television presenter. In the US we don’t really have those kind of things but basically what it is, is you turn on your TV and flip through these special “porn” channels (what they call porn). What you’ll find is a series of girls laying on a bed and talking on a phone. You can then call the number on your TV screen and actually talk to that girl.

It’s kind of like doing a skype show, only less naughty. It’s really just phone sex only you can get to actually see the girl you are talking to on your phone through the TV so you know 100% for sure who you are talking to and you know she’s way hot.

Before starting her job in the adult entertainment industry, Lori Buckby looked after her father full-time, who suffered a stroke in 2005 at the age of 50 and became semi-paralyzed. But when she got her job her grandmother took over caring for her father. Most say what she did was more of a sin of omission, as she simply didn’t tell the government she started a full time job and as a result began only caring for her father part-time while her grandmother took over full time care duties.

Lori Buckby stands 5 foot 3 inches tall and has green eyes. Her hair color changes from blonde, to black to brown. Her measurements are 32DD-23-34. When she began her career she was a natural B cup but later on enhanced her chest to a DD size.